1. Got 2 Love

From the recording Got 2 Love

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Got 2 Love

Words & Music By
Derrick D’MAR Martin

Verse 1
I never thought that I would B here
I thought I was way 2 strong 2 ever fall 4 U
Ran away ‘cause it was my worst fear
But now I’m so caught up
And I don’t know what 2 do

No matter how I try 2 fight
(Got 2 Love)
I just return 2 what feels right
(Got 2 Love)
It doesn’t matter what I do
(Got 2 Love )
I end up coming back 2 U
(U have got 2 love her)

Verse 2
I’ve tried everything I could think of
2 erase the way I felt with U in my arms
I guess I’m afraid that this might B love
I guess I can no longer hide from the way I feel inside
Girl I’m gone


I guess I better face it
Because it’s true
I have always wanted 2 B with U
I’ve tried 2 run away
Inspire of the truth
That I know I’m supposed 2 B here with U